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Every spoon is carved explicitly by hand. Only with the help of sharp edge-tools like carving knives and a carving axe. The wood is being split from a round that is still moist and, as we say, „green“ inside. The blank is prepared by axe and then finished only by a knife and a little rub of my sea shell. More information on that under the process.

I produce many different kinds of spoons and I am always happy to accept orders for new special requirements.

This spoon for example only came into being because of the special request and a chance to get your quotes of a bike messenger friend. I call it the mess-spoon. It’s designed to be carried on a snap link and replace a titanium spork.

If you are interested in buying one of my spoons please Check my Instagram for new spoons. I only Stell what I have in Stock because I believe waiting list‘s don‘t work in your or my favor.